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3D to 2D: Toon Shading & Freestyle


In this video I walk through the process of shading my character and apply a freestyle edge to him. Remember, there are numerous settings and setting values that can achieve a different styles of a “2D” look. In this video I show you some  of the main settings to use, but you should always experiment with the values. Read more

3D to 2D: Modeling


In this Video i walk you through the process of modeling the character I outlined in the last video. Let me know what you think! Read more

3D to 2D- Concept art


Hey everyone! I’m excited to announce a new tutorial series titled “3D to 2D”. I actually have most of the series recorded, i just need to edit them before uploading to youtube. So here is the first video in the series, it is the shortest one, buy enjoy!

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