3D to 2D: Toon Shading & Freestyle


In this video I walk through the process of shading my character and apply a freestyle edge to him. Remember, there are numerous settings and setting values that can achieve a different styles of a “2D” look. In this video I show you some  of the main settings to use, but you should always experiment with the values.

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  1. Seeks says:

    Quality tutorials, man. Thanks for posting these.

  2. Adrian says:

    Hi Nolan, you’re the best!!! Tomorrow I will see all the tutorials because I was going crazy looking for this tutorials exactly.

    Please, I would like that you upload more videos about this, it would make me very happy and help me to learn a lot.

    Thank you very much! You’re my idol!!

  3. riandi says:

    where yes I can see the results of your cartoon video

  4. ted says:

    Hi Nolan, glad I found your site, thanks for your work on these tutorials, much appreciated

  5. New to blender here. Am using Adobe Captivate at work for animated presentations and wanting to have a tool for working at home. Blender looks good.

    I hope you are still active . . . looks like it’s been awhile.

    • Nolan says:

      I havent been active with this project unfortunately =(, i keep paying for the site to be up though because i know a lot of people found value with what little information i made.

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