Blender 3D

Blender 3d is a highly functional and versatile open source 3d graphics suite. Some amazing 3d art, cartoons, and productions have come out of it. But we would like to see just as amazing 2d animations 😉



Gimp is a open source photo editor comparable to adobe photo-shop. It is the best free option for drawing our 2D characters.

Synfig Studios

Synfig Studios is an open source 2d animation suite the takes advantage of vector graphics. 2D animations could be made using this software. But i prefer Blender, and use this as an accessory to it.


Papayagayo is a lip syncing software. The user simply creates mouth images for each phoneme, tells papagayo where each phoneme should be displayed in conjuntion with an audio clip, then papagayo exports a file that programs like synfig can use to animate the mouth!


  1. stuart collinson says:

    I would recommend ordering the site a little better in terms of what tutorials to watch first.

  2. htmlguy says:

    At first I thought this website was ugly, and I was going to suggest redesigning it a bit. Then I realized I was just zoomed in a lot!
    Great webdesign and great tutorials!

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